DOT-Certified Propane Delivery in Roseville, CA

If you’re a propane user in Placer County, congratulations! You’re already using a clean, efficient fuel that costs less than electricity. You probably know that Placer Propane’s filling station has the county’s best prices. However, you can also get propane delivery to your home or worksite, countywide, year-round. That’s because when it comes to propane, Placer Propane really does deliver.

Residential and Commercial Propane Delivery

We offer commercial and residential propane delivery service across Placer County, whether you’re a high-volume consumer powering a home or office, or the seasonal customer fueling a hot tub or gas grill. Plus, if you find your tank unexpectedly out, an emergency refill is just a phone call away!



Why Choose Us?

Live Worry-Free and Save Money with Placer Propane Delivery

For 30 years, Placer Propane has been the premier propane supplier in Placer County, and for many good reasons. For one, we are local. We know the county well, and we’re only a quick drive away. For another, we’re cheaper. We can offer you top-quality propane at competitive prices because we specialize in it—unlike others who simply sell it. We also offer a forklift tank exchange and propane tank exchange programs for busy worksites.

Scheduling propane delivery service with Placer Propane means never having to worry about your fuel supply. It also means having a DOT-certified propane partner by your side. We can update or repair your tank when needed, and we can also re-certify your tank when the time comes.

If you’re ready to make the switch to propane from more expensive electric power, Placer Propane is your one-stop shop. We can deliver propane tanks and perform refills for residents in Loomis, Newcastle, Penryn, Roseville, Granite Bay, and Orangevale. In addition to propane delivery, we also sell and install new propane tanks in all sizes. Come by our conveniently located filling station with drive-through service for any size tank, or call us today at 916-791-7898. Anyone on our staff will be happy to tell you what Placer Propane can do for you!